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In Sight, In Mind

*Stress impairs judgement.* In Sight, In Mind is about empowering Australians with information in their most difficult times. People attend the Emergency Department (ED) for non-emergency reasons. This could be problematic: * For the patient as wait times in EDs can be extensive. * For t...

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Bad News is Good News

The City of Fremantle, like many communities around the globe, must consider the possible impacts of a 2-3 degree temperature rise on livelihoods and infrastructure. Through increased awareness of the reality of natural disasters and other phenomena, we can leverage knowledge of past and present ...

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Cartesian Pin

The transport sector contributed 18.6% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 and now in the post-pandemic era is once again beginning to trend upwards in terms of raw emissions. [1] As we did with the pandemic, we must flatten the curve to help Australia reach net zero emissions by 2050...

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Med Check

An analysis of existing health care trends as they relate to Emergency Department Visits for the Northern Territory. Our analysis focused on reasons for Emergency Department visits, utilization and comparison to the national average. The objective was to identify short term healthcare needs of th...

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The ACT’s Wellbeing Framework 2021 declares that education and life-long learning are important measures for individual wellbeing. According to the 2020 OnTrack survey, 6.4% of Victorian school leavers are looking for work twelve months later. DataACT’s Picture 2018 also revealed there that 8...

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## Problems: - Geography impacts wellbeing: for the public, it can be hard to find facilities close to them, and it can be difficult to access services that are not close by or are under-resourced. - The community may be unaware of wellbeing issues and the impacts of many everyday matters...

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Electric Roadrunner

# Electric Roadrunner **Electric Roadrunner** is a content management solution and API for use in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging apps to highlight tourism opportunities in the area of the EV charging stations. EVs challenge us to reframe our thinking about road trip pit stops. They represen...

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Schools are a foundational pillar for ensuring the continual expansion of our future generations. There are currently more than a 1000 public schools being offered by the Victorian State government to its citizens. To ensure accessibility for all children to schools, the Victorian State Governmen...

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# Cyclo Cyclo is an application that promote cycling and using of public transport by gamifying it and making reward system. We are gamifying the cycling and alternate transport experience. Using beautifully designed interactive maps, users can plan their best alternate transport and cy...

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Public Transport Optimisation

Optimising Canberra’s public transport The optimisation of a public transport network balances the needs of the travellers and the cost to run those services. Optimised networks have a higher number of travellers, higher ticket revenue while minimising operating expenses. Identifying peak cap...

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![Lynk App Store Graphic](https://github.com/je-zhou/Lynk/blob/main/lib/app%20store.png?raw=true) # Lynk - What is it? Lynk is an app that connects the youth to their local communities via their school, and helps them learn crucial life skills that they _don't_ teach you at school! ## The ...

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Flood Alarm

A flood warning app that gives different levels of warnings with recommendations on what is the best course of action in the circumstances what they should pack in their emergency bag etc... The data from the ABS and the City of Hobart is pulled into an algorithm. Through the use of machine learn...

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Good Life School

Project Good life School tries to provide an holistic solution to address the issue of skill shortage, youth upskilling, empty CBD office and rental shortage

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    # PolEx (Policy Explorer)   **PolEx (Policy Explorer)** is a suite of interactive dashboards delivered via a software subscription service, where users can explore the different aspects of the [Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government's Wellbeing Framework](https:/...

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Full Bloom

## Introducing the Latest and Greatest from Apple Park! **Project Full Bloom** *The modern app that connects students with vital opportunities.* Our "Full Bloom" app is for students, trainers, and businesses. It's a social media app that connects all three and it puts people in direct contac...

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An AI and data driven approach to discovering, creating and nurturing our beautiful and lively neighborhoods in NSW. The project uses Australian census data , NSW housing data along with ATO , Bocsar (NSW) , NSW health , NSW Planning to give a clear story regarding the different suburbs in NSW...

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Petidcare is a cross-platform (developed in react native) application that allows pet owners and pet service providers, especially vets to improve their health and wellbeing. It is a digital platform that enables owners, and pet service providers to securely record/access/track pet information di...

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A prototype public transport digital twin of Canberra.

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Our idea is an app called connectiverse, this web based application would allow people to connect and help develop each others skills. Users of connectiverse can add skills to their profile they would like to teach and would like to learn. Based on the skills entered the users will be matched...

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CRIME (Crime Resource Interface Management Engine)

The hack will take Queensland Police Service (QPS) offences data specific to Queensland Local Government Areas (LGAs) and combine it with Australian Census data to identify crime hotspots and emerging trends. The filtering of this data aims to provide a graphical user interface that will: - Id...

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The goal of Trans C O 2 is to contribute to the Net zero by 20 50 emissions target. This is achieved by highlighting emission friendly forms of transport through sustainable energy behaviours, and generate visualisations which are automated for route optimisation taking into account carbon emissi...

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The WaterSaver app is a live water consumption app that uses digital water sensors to track household consumption. The app includes live water consumption data, a ranking and rewards system and an interactive map displaying the status and water levels of unity water dams. This all works as one to...

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Austarlian Census 2021 Housing Market

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