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The WaterSaver app is a live water consumption app that uses digital water sensors to track household consumption. The app includes live water consumption data, a ranking and rewards system and an interactive map displaying the status and water levels of unity water dams. This all works as one to set optimum water usage levels and reward targets.

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Unitywater - Digital Water Meter data

Description of Use This data was used to map water usage per water meter ID on our app.

Data Set

SEQ Dam Levels

Description of Use This data was used to create a mapping function of the dam levels which is linked to our app.

Data Set

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Digitising your drinking water

Clean water is an essential service for our communities and has been identified as the ‘Blue Gold’ for the next generation. How might data be harnessed to influence people to reduce water consumption? How might monitoring and tracking water usage now help protect this valuable resource for future generations?

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What can we do to ensure the sustainability of Queensland’s natural environment?

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The 2021 Australian Census

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