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Jurisdiction: Queensland

What can we do to ensure the sustainability of Queensland’s natural environment?

Queensland has 173 million hectares of land, 6,900km of mainland coastline and 1,165 offshore islands and cays which are shared by thousands of plant and animal species.

Changes in water and air quality, waste generation, energy production and general pollution may impact our state's natural beauty and diversity.

What can we do to ensure the environment is protected?

How can we sustain population growth while reducing our pollution footprint?

Are there technologies that could help?

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Additional Information:

Relevant links: https://www.data.qld.gov.au/article/news-and-events/govhack-2022

Image credit: Queensland Government.

Eligibility: Must use at least one dataset from data.qld.gov.au.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Queensland.

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