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Microfarming at Scale

Exploring the feasibility of creating a microfarming economy. Whether through community-based farms or privately owned farms, is there room to take the strain off the food supply in our increasingly growing population. Further, the option to reduce the reliance on imports for food will increase s...

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Koala Safety Net

Global warming has been around for hundreds of years, however due to the introduction of large amounts of carbon emissions due to human intervention, it has become further exacerbated putting Koalas more at risk. In the 2019/20 bushfires in NSW where an estimated 6,382 koalas were killed, represe...

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Business Barometer

What if we had a friendly mobile application that could report the water, electricity, gas, wastewater, and air pollution for every business in Australia? What if we could tell each business whether they were using more or less than the average consumption for their business type and LGA? What if...

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--- # What's the Problem When natural disasters happen such as fires or floods, the quicker the people affected know of it, the better they can manage the effects. A notification just 30 minutes sooner can mean the difference between being able to safely evacuate a soon-to-be flooded road or ...

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Green Team

The Green Team are committed to creating a way for households to be a force for community change within their own backyards. As residents, either homeowners or renters, there is an opportunity for us all to create change in our very own backyard. From planting local native endangered flora to ...

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Finding your Nature Neighbors

## Design Background Due to the deterioration of the environment, the occurrence of extreme weather is getting more frequent, which is closely related to continuous industrial development. Many species lost their habitat due to the neglect of protection of the ecological environment. Hence, how ...

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The WaterSaver app is a live water consumption app that uses digital water sensors to track household consumption. The app includes live water consumption data, a ranking and rewards system and an interactive map displaying the status and water levels of unity water dams. This all works as one to...

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