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Digitising your drinking water

Jurisdiction: Queensland

Clean water is an essential service for our communities and has been identified as the ‘Blue Gold’ for the next generation. How might data be harnessed to influence people to reduce water consumption? How might monitoring and tracking water usage now help protect this valuable resource for future generations?

From second bathrooms and pools to explosive population growth, water consumption is trending ever upwards despite water being a finite resource. Influencing consumer patterns of behaviour to encourage reduction in water consumption and protect the future of clean water is essential in todays’ operating environment.

Use open data and incorporate any, or all, of the points below to showcase your ideas.

• Weather events and their impact on infrastructure
• Climate impacts including drought and climate change
• Water saving options such as tap aerators and other devices
• Tools such as digital water meters that provide monitoring, reporting, tracking, analysis, profiling, customer interface
• Learnings from digitally tracking and monitoring water consumption by socio-economic and geographic profile

Utilise Unitywater’s dataset derived from approx. 10,000 digitally enabled water meters installed at residential homes (and a few commercial premises) across the Sunshine Coast region.

Local Councils have several climate sensors around the region, along with flood and rainfall sensors. Please take time to look through the available data related to these and other IoT devices.

Additional Information:

This is one of two Moreton Bay specific challenges put together by a consortium of business, education and government organisations, all passionate about our local region. We will have a group of university students and local business leaders participating on campus at UniSC Moreton Bay alongside local innovators, and we encourage you to join with them in putting a spotlight on our region.

Be sure to see our other challenge: Moreton Bay greening as we grow (QLD)


Preference will be given to those providing solutions relevant to the following local Council regions:
• Moreton Bay Regional Council
• Sunshine Coast Council
• Noosa Shire Council

Eligibility: Open to everyone. Must use the Unitywater dataset. Must use at least one other dataset.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

Unitywater - Digital Water Meter data

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Noosa Council Open Data

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Open Data Sunshine Coast Council

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Moreton Bay Regional Council Data Hub

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Unitywater Datasets

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