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Unitywater Water usage reduction

H2ONotify is an app created for Unity Water to mitigate the negative effects of steep water bills caused by water leaks and excessive usage. A distraught customer response and water wastage cannot be good for company morale, nor sustainability. This application benefits Unity Water staff by reduc...

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The issue of sustainable water use presents a growing challenge in Australia, driven by the increasing consumption, climate variability and low reuse. AquaDash is a water tank recommendation tool that quantifies potential water bill savings and provides personalised guidelines on what tank the us...

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Water is extremely valuable all around the world. Life only thrives around water in the entire universe. BUT, water waste is one of the biggest problems we face in Australia. Every day we waste so much water without being conscious about it, which otherwise could been saved for future generations...

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Project 1895 - GreenWe

**Problem Statement:** Water and produce are critical resources on our planet. With the food and water crisis affecting many communities, we as a community need to ensure that there are enough resources available for future generations. Moreton Bay, Unity Water and ESG recognise that they have ...

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During 2021-2022, Unity water rolled out smart water meters in the Moreton Bay area. These smart meters allow residents to track their total daily water usage. We are proposing a modification that provides residents with a breakdown of total water usage in areas of your homes like kitchen , bathr...

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Business Barometer

What if we had a friendly mobile application that could report the water, electricity, gas, wastewater, and air pollution for every business in Australia? What if we could tell each business whether they were using more or less than the average consumption for their business type and LGA? What if...

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Water Watch

A proposition for an app that displays open water meter data and compares it to the users usage

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UnityMizu is a support application for UnityWater. The application leverage the current system and policy that UnityWater have, to offer a comprehensive customer experience and give them control over their water usage and saving strategy at the end of their finger tip.

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The WaterSaver app is a live water consumption app that uses digital water sensors to track household consumption. The app includes live water consumption data, a ranking and rewards system and an interactive map displaying the status and water levels of unity water dams. This all works as one to...

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#### Save water, and get some fun out of it at the same time. WaterTrack integrates with all your IoT based appliances, and new future ones too. In a world where we are needing to think about our environmental impact more and more each year, we can only guess so much as to what we need to do ...

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