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Save water, and get some fun out of it at the same time. WaterTrack integrates with all your IoT based appliances, and new future ones too.

In a world where we are needing to think about our environmental impact more and more each year, we can only guess so much as to what we need to do to help lessen our impact on the environment, as technology advances, we are able to utilise the data that is collected by various companies to help predict the changes which are needed to be put in place to help us.

We will be heavily utilising data provided by UnityWater as our main source of background information to gauge average usage rates for specific environments, based on location, temperature and home size.

While UnityWater only supply information for their currently deployed locations, which areSunshine Coast suburbs of Mooloolaba, the Alexandra Headland, Maroochydore and some areas of Buderim, Mountain Creek and Kuluin. Over time, we believe data could be provided by other states.

A platform such as watertrack is designed to be a single pane of glass to allow insight into not only your personal water usage, but also compare to others in your region, and ideas on how you can reduce your own. We also intend for it to be designed to be customisable and open, to lead with the Australian Government’s main strategy of open sourcing a majority of their software. Building apps like this with Open Source in mind is important to gain critical mass, as many people can be sceptical of apps bought out by state and federal government organisations.

Watertrack will utilise your data along with datasets provided by UnityWater to understand other peoples water usage to provide suggestions on how you can optimise and lower your water usage, saving the environment, and your wallet.

Using open hardware standards such as ZigBee and Z-Wave, it helps us cut costs without compromising on the user experience, you can also integrate cloud APIs with community integrations into watertrack.

All together this provides a simple to use experience for tracking your water usage, and provides a way to learn about how you use water usage and how to reduce it, together we can all work to make the world a better place.

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Data Story

Unity Water (Digitising your Drinking Water)
We are using datasets provided by UnityWater to allow us to give users data on other peoples water usage in their area, as this provides as a good indicator for other use within the communities.



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Unitywater - Digital Water Meter data

Description of Use Used to determine other houses data usage in your area.

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Digitising your drinking water

Clean water is an essential service for our communities and has been identified as the ‘Blue Gold’ for the next generation. How might data be harnessed to influence people to reduce water consumption? How might monitoring and tracking water usage now help protect this valuable resource for future generations?

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