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UnityMizu is a support application for UnityWater.
The application leverage the current system and policy that UnityWater have, to offer a comprehensive customer experience and give them control over their water usage and saving strategy at the end of their finger tip.

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Data Story

UnityWater has been working relentlessly to improve water sustainability.
The data has shown that UnityWater has been consistently providing high quality water for the users.

The pain point we identified lies in the lack of direct linkage between the users and UnityWater.
As an example, UnityWater provide support to monitor and notify the users quarterly if there are any abnormal usage during the period of time. However, a leakage could easily cause over thousands of damage over the period of time, and not to mention the non-monetary damage, such as reputation and waste of natural resources.

By using data from Smart Meter, UnityMizu can build profile for each household and establish a user profile. This will allow UnityWater to notify its user of abnormal usage in the matter of days or hours.

But UnityMizu does not stop there, besides that monitoring usage, we also want to encourage reduced usage. ATO data has shown that Queenslanders are generous with their giving, and UnityMizu and UnityWater want to be behind Queenslanders in giving.

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Team DataSets

Forbes - Why Giving Back Increases Brand Loyalty​

Description of Use This helps us understand the dynamic of charity contribution.

Data Set

UnityWater - Daily water usage activities

Description of Use This data show the breakdown of how water is used, and the average water usage per person per day. The average usage is updated on Aug 2022.

Data Set

Taxation Statistics 2019-20

Description of Use We use the Tax data to identify Queenslanders' willingness to donate and contribute to charity.

Data Set

Unitywater - Digital Water Meter data

Description of Use We use this to data to identify that it is possible to build a profile of a user based on its' ManagedObject_id.

Data Set

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