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An AI and data driven approach to discovering, creating and nurturing our beautiful and lively neighborhoods in NSW.

The project uses Australian census data , NSW housing data along with ATO , Bocsar (NSW) , NSW health , NSW Planning to give a clear story regarding the different suburbs in NSW so that residents can make informed choices in finding the most cost effective as well as family friendly suburb for themselves to rent or buy.

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Team DataSets

HealthStats NSW

Description of Use The data from health stats have been used to determine trend in mental and physical health issues by each LGA.

Data Set

Bocsar Crime Stats

Description of Use This dataset has been used to determine crimes that happened in various NSW suburbs

Data Set

NSW Administrative Boundaries Theme – Local Government Area

Description of Use This dataset has been used to convert various other data from suburb to LGA data.

Data Set

Australian Census Data

Data Set

NSW DCJ Rental Data

Data Set

NSW Housing Data

Data Set

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The 2021 Australian Census

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The NSW housing crisis

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