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Tania , yulia , Christina , Alice , Grace , Anastasiia , Bronwyn , Krystal

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A flood warning app that gives different levels of warnings with recommendations on what is the best course of action in the circumstances what they should pack in their emergency bag etc... The data from the ABS and the City of Hobart is pulled into an algorithm. Through the use of machine learning, the data will be used to predict when a flood will occur and provide updates to users.

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Data Story

The data from the City of Hobart will be reused to feed the AI to improve its flood predictions based on past trends and weather patterns.
Data from the ABS will aid in providing clarity over the scope of the people impacted and help assess the success of the app. The rainfall and river data will supplement the City of Hobart data to help with the analysis of state-wide weather patterns.
Traffic data will be used in two ways. Firstly to ensure that people are given the best possible routes to escape. Secondly, to also report back to the police and road authorities which roads are closed.

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

Flood damaged areas

Description of Use To assess which areas were impacted by floods

Data Set

Flood prone areas

Description of Use To better analyse the likelihood of floods occurring

Data Set

Tasmania socioeconomic level

Description of Use To better assess the communities affected by flood and the socioeconomic impact of floods

Data Set

Tasmanian rainfall and river levels

Description of Use We intend this to be another piece of data that will feed into our AI to help improve its data analysis. This is because rainfall in other regions outside of Hobart may impact rainfall in Hobart

Data Set

Weather data

Description of Use This is the data used to fuel the AI to produce predictions

Data Set

Elevation levels

Description of Use To direct where people to go and to analyse which areas are prone to flooding

Data Set

Harmonised National Roadworks

Description of Use To help people avoid closed roads and notify police where they need action

Data Set

BOM, 2021

Description of Use Tells us which rivers are flooding

Data Set

Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABS, 2021

Description of Use Who the app is targeted at

Data Set

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