Celebrating Tasmania’s achievements

Jurisdiction: Tasmania

How might we use open data to celebrate Tasmania’s achievements and ensure Tasmania remains front and centre during national conversations?

Tasmania has a rich history, dating back over 42,000 years. In this time Tasmania has pioneered scientific, social and technological innovation - starting with the first scientific-style observations of the night sky, conducted by First Nation Tasmanians. Tasmania was also the first place in the Southern hemisphere to have electric lights. The first female member of the Australian House of Representatives, Enid Lyons, hails from Smithton, Tasmania.

In spite of all this, Tasmania can sometimes be the forgotten state of Australia. You may be amused to learn that there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to the Omission of Tasmania from maps of Australia. The state went so far as to issue a friendly warning to Brisbane, the host of the next Olympic Games, to ensure the state was not left off any maps when it comes to 2032.

Now that Australians are more digitally connected than ever, how can we use open data to highlight Tasmania's achievements? How can open data be used to ensure Tasmania remains front and centre during national conversations?

Eligibility: Must use at least one open data source.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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