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Lynk Inc.

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Zachary , Franklin , Jerry , Dominic

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Lynk - What is it?

Lynk is an app that connects the youth to their local communities via their school, and helps them learn crucial life skills that they don't teach you at school!

The mission

A 2021 survey found that 6 months after graduation, approximately 21% of high school students in underrepresented areas are employed in low income jobs, whilst 11% were struggling to find work. Every year there are students that find themselves lost in their transition from high school student to a functioning young adult. These students are unsure about their future path, and often do not know where to even start to ask for help.

That is why we at Lynk have created a tool to support these developing minds at exploring and understanding what it is that they want to learn.

The features


Lynk has an Events tabs where you will be able to see any upcoming events in your local area. The app's algorithm will use your filters and previous behaviour to curate a unique collection of workshops and classes where you can learn anything and everything - from fundamental cooking skills through a local resturant to interview tips and tricks from the elders at the nearby nursing home, Lynk covers the content you can't obtain from the school curriculum.


The Opportunities tab contains a job board in which you can apply directly to organisations seeking interns and volunteers. Skip the tedious application process across every job you apply for - Lynk lets you save your resume to the app so that you can apply with the touch of a button.


Utilise the Community tab' s forum and ask questions that may be weighing on your mind, you'll promptly receive responses from people of all experiences and ages. Get input from Mentors, people who oversee and are directly responsible for the listed events, who you will be able to chat to directly about their initiatives, programs and guidelines.


With Lynk, all your individual data is encrypted and as secure as ever. Your identified interests and behaviour never leaves the app - it's invisible to everyone (even the staff at Lynk!) The only entity that handles your data is Lynk's algorithm, which masks any sensitive information so that it can learn and evolve.

For our project, we used Flutter - an open source framework to develop the app prototype. As well as Power BI for the visualisations of data obtained through the datasets listed on GovHack's website.

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Data Story

Transitioning from school to the next stage of life can be both exhilarating and daunting for school leavers. Some are excited and prepared, but some are also nervous and anxious about what comes next.

In accordance to these concerns, Lynk Inc. has provided a platform for students to address their concerns for the future, and prepare them for the challeges ahead. We hope to achieve this through the events, opportunities and community that is available through the app.

The Lynk app offers:
* Events: Information on local events and programs that will help students develop confidence, improve skills and gain experience.
* Opportunities: Provide tailored job and training opportunities so students can prepare themselves for the future
* Community: A discussion platform for students to consult mentors and connect with peers as a tightly knit community.

Datasets we used:
* 2021 On Track Survey
* ABS 2021 Census
* Reconnect Program
* Tech Jobs

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Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

Reconnect Program

Description of Use Used as an event to allow people of all ages reconnect with their education.

Data Set

jobs Australia

Description of Use looking at population of people aged 15-24 in employment.

Data Set

Education and Work Australia 2021

Description of Use Looking to describe the relationship between education and work for people aged 15-24.

Data Set

Employee earnings - Australian Bureau of Statistics

Description of Use Used Table 4.1 Distribution of weekly earnings for employees by occupation and skill level for diagram in video presentation.

Data Set

2021 On Track Survey - Year 12 or equivalent completers post school destinations

Description of Use Using data for graphs and diagrams.

Data Set

Tech Schools

Description of Use Using the dataset as a link resource for our app.

Data Set

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Skills Development - Life after School

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