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An AI and data driven approach to discovering, creating and nurturing our beautiful and lively neighborhoods in NSW. The project uses Australian census data , NSW housing data along with ATO , Bocsar (NSW) , NSW health , NSW Planning to give a clear story regarding the different suburbs in NSW...

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SEEQUENCE - WHERE NOW? - Retain and showcase Fremantle’s soul - the amazing cultures and ambiances (plural!) of the city - showcasing it to both new and existing residents (and of course the many tourists) - Ease congestion - Seequence will promote public transportation as well as use algorithm...

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Bad News is Good News

The City of Fremantle, like many communities around the globe, must consider the possible impacts of a 2-3 degree temperature rise on livelihoods and infrastructure. Through increased awareness of the reality of natural disasters and other phenomena, we can leverage knowledge of past and present ...

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Carbon dioxide emission has the main impact on global climate change and the world must be responsible for this. Electricity generation produces 47,6% of the carbon dioxide emission respectively, followed by manufacturing and mining and transportation. With the development of technology, individu...

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# Bluebell **Govhack 2022 entry for Discovering our region’s environment and biodiversity challenge: How might ACT data encourage children and young people to appreciate and engage with Canberra’s environment and biodiversity?** https://hackerspace.govhack.org/challenges/discovering_our_region_...

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# Cycl **Govhack 2022 entry for Alternate transport challenge: How can we make NSW a cycling-friendly state?** https://hackerspace.govhack.org/challenges/alternate_transport ##❔ Problem Statement Currently NSW is not a particularly cycling-friendly state. From the **NSW Active Transport :...

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Trash Terminator

"Trash Terminator" is a game that aims to teach others about the environmental and health impacts of Covid-19 waste. It presents and visualises Australian open datasets in an engaging medium to create conversation and promote change in the way Australian's think about and handle Covid-19 waste. P...

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Aint no flood gonna stop my train

Using data to make a Minecraft build to show case what will happen if it floods across an important railway track now and in the future

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We've decided to shine a light on what ESG means, by making the open source content that we found online accessible in a fun way to younger people... a serious topic converted into a rap.

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Project Tasmania

Hello everybody, welcome to Project Tasmania, an open-world multiplatform game built on all the real-world open data of Tasmania, the front and centre of national conversations in Australia. Why an open-world multiplatform game? Elden Ring has sold over 16.6 million copies worldwide across all...

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Urban Design and Amenity

Project Description Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-sCdyawKDdCGEFzJBJf3bTK7R2pypMI/edit With the significant impact of climate change, our cities are reshaping, and the future is being refocused on tech, transportation and open spaces; stage by stage; we believe the classical im...

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Extensive Hobart Flood Model

In this project, we take data from various sources and feed them into a flooding model. We plan to have three steps: 1. Consolidate data pertaining to floods from presently decentralised sources across Tasmania 2. Process the data to automatically generate and update a high-resolution 3D mode...

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# Cyclo Cyclo is an application that promote cycling and using of public transport by gamifying it and making reward system. We are gamifying the cycling and alternate transport experience. Using beautifully designed interactive maps, users can plan their best alternate transport and cy...

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Public Transport Optimisation

Optimising Canberra’s public transport The optimisation of a public transport network balances the needs of the travellers and the cost to run those services. Optimised networks have a higher number of travellers, higher ticket revenue while minimising operating expenses. Identifying peak cap...

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![Lynk App Store Graphic](https://github.com/je-zhou/Lynk/blob/main/lib/app%20store.png?raw=true) # Lynk - What is it? Lynk is an app that connects the youth to their local communities via their school, and helps them learn crucial life skills that they _don't_ teach you at school! ## The ...

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Project 1895 - GreenWe

**Problem Statement:** Water and produce are critical resources on our planet. With the food and water crisis affecting many communities, we as a community need to ensure that there are enough resources available for future generations. Moreton Bay, Unity Water and ESG recognise that they have ...

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Flood Alarm

A flood warning app that gives different levels of warnings with recommendations on what is the best course of action in the circumstances what they should pack in their emergency bag etc... The data from the ABS and the City of Hobart is pulled into an algorithm. Through the use of machine learn...

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Flood Frenzy

We have created a fun online game whose objective is to protect a town's houses from damage due to flooding. We have also created a simulation mode where random mountainous terrain can be generated, and floods can be simulated. # Game Mode Our game allows the user to build walls to prote...

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Full Bloom

## Introducing the Latest and Greatest from Apple Park! **Project Full Bloom** *The modern app that connects students with vital opportunities.* Our "Full Bloom" app is for students, trainers, and businesses. It's a social media app that connects all three and it puts people in direct contac...

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A prototype public transport digital twin of Canberra.

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Future Freight

Using flood, fire, congestion and rest stop data the most resilient and cost-effective route can be determined while also offering live service updates depending on current road conditions to ensure safety! Team Members (UniSC Sippy Downs): Samuel Jorgensen Michael Calzada Riley Ellacott T...

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# Important Links [![Open app in browser](https://i.imgur.com/WYyxexk.jpg)](https://brycy.itch.io/govhack2022) [![Watch video](https://i.imgur.com/uHVdSim.jpg)](https://youtu.be/vqK-STnwBPY) # What is This? This is an interactive data visualiser tool that allows you to experiment with...

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ARMRA (Animal Recognition, Mornitoring and Rescue Application) - (Web/Mobile Application)

Machine Learning Animal Care Platform - Mobile App, Community Engagement

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CRIME (Crime Resource Interface Management Engine)

The hack will take Queensland Police Service (QPS) offences data specific to Queensland Local Government Areas (LGAs) and combine it with Australian Census data to identify crime hotspots and emerging trends. The filtering of this data aims to provide a graphical user interface that will: - Id...

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--- # What's the Problem When natural disasters happen such as fires or floods, the quicker the people affected know of it, the better they can manage the effects. A notification just 30 minutes sooner can mean the difference between being able to safely evacuate a soon-to-be flooded road or ...

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Traboh Floodo

Simulating potential floods in Hobart using elevation data and drainage information

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Green Team

The Green Team are committed to creating a way for households to be a force for community change within their own backyards. As residents, either homeowners or renters, there is an opportunity for us all to create change in our very own backyard. From planting local native endangered flora to ...

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🪰 FlyDAR

##FlyDAR Fruit Fly Detection Alert Response ##Our Team Michael Lisitsa (linkedin.com/in/michael-lisitsa-612b3961/)<br/> Junior Software Developer and former Civil Engineer <br/> Lana Cowling (linkedin.com/in/lanacowling/)<br/> Former Public Servant and aspiring Software Developer...

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The WaterSaver app is a live water consumption app that uses digital water sensors to track household consumption. The app includes live water consumption data, a ranking and rewards system and an interactive map displaying the status and water levels of unity water dams. This all works as one to...

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###### Tasmania has made a great contribution to Australia and the world. The state’s history is full of legendary individuals, whose stories need to be told to be believed. Now, the Tas-Icon podcast is here to tell them. We know that stories are the best way to connect with a place, its histo...

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