Aint no flood gonna stop my train

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Using data to make a Minecraft build to show case what will happen if it floods across an important railway track now and in the future

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I used a report called 'Understanding Australian Urban Railways' by BITRE, to help me understand which railways are used for carrying goods.

I used a report called 'Trends in Trucks and Traffic' by BITRE, to understand how much more things will be transported in 15 years.

I used a report called 'Georges River Council - Overland Flow Flood study' by Georges River Council to understand the impact of flooding on critical infrastructure in areas where the river will intersect with the infrastructure.

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Georges River Council - Overland Flow Flood Study

Data Set

Georges River Flood Study 2020

Data Set

Trends in Trucks and Traffic

Data Set

Understanding Australia's urban railways

Data Set

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