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Hello everybody, welcome to Project Tasmania, an open-world multiplatform game built on all the real-world open data of Tasmania, the front and centre of national conversations in Australia.

Why an open-world multiplatform game? Elden Ring has sold over 16.6 million copies worldwide across all platforms, Genshin Impact has consistently brought in $1 billion every six months on average, and most people who have access to the internet are most likely to know these super popular video games.

Video games are good at telling stories and the player loves good stories. If you search for the story of Elden ring, there are About 8,480,000 results in just videos, and this game was just released on 25 February 2022.

This project will be an open-world third-person video game. Players can explore and experience the historical geological, cultural and natural history data of Tasmania while playing the game.

This means that the player around the globe can walk on a 3d Virtual Tasmania that is built according to the different temporal LiDAR datasets, in knowing Tasmania without actually travelling in this real world of Epidemic and save guard the biosecurity of the land.

players can jump between the different timelines. see the Coastlines, the South- sea Cliffs that are 200 m above sea level. the ancient forests with Plants since Gondwana.  the Cool and quiet rainforest with mosses, lichens on the floor and on tree trunks, see and listen to the streams and waterfalls

Players can become wildlife according to the area: Shorebirds, humpback whales, Australian Fur Seals, Tasmanian Devils, Pademelons, Wombat, Bennett 's Wallabies and Cape Barren Goose, and even the extinct Thylacine, and interact with other objects in the game.

This project will remind the world of the land of Tasmania, brand awareness will bring funding and opportunity. And who doesn't love Video games?

#wildlife simulator #multiplatform game #natural history of tasmania

Data Story

Data from Tasmania Land Information System (LIST), including Spatial, Geological,Biological, also Temporal data for the timeline construction for the project.

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Team DataSets

Wedge-tailed Eagle Nesting Habitat

Description of Use showing the Nesting Habitat of Wedge-tailed Eagle to the plays

Data Set

Threatened Native Vegetation Communities 2020

Description of Use biota data, in introducing the Threatened Native Vegetation to the players

Data Set

Aerial survey of giant kelp on the east coast of Tasmania

Description of Use to model the biological feature/create a timeline for the ecological process

Data Set

Tree Canopy Height

Description of Use separating the Tree Canopy data from other geological point data

Data Set

LIST Tasmania 25 metre Digital Elevation Model

Description of Use 3D model calibration

Data Set

TasWater - Water Network Structures

Description of Use for the in-game map

Data Set

LIST Spot heights

Description of Use referencing the model elevation

Data Set

LIST Points of Interest

Description of Use spatial point data for the project

Data Set

LIST Marine Nature Reserves

Description of Use mapping and naming the Marine Nature Reserves area

Data Set

Fire History

Description of Use use to stimulate fire incident/history

Data Set

LIST Coastline

Description of Use for the in-game map

Data Set

Tasmanian Imagery Program LiDAR

Description of Use integrate the LiDAR datasets to a 3D model

Data Set

LiDAR Coverage Index - Latest

Description of Use referencing the 3D geological feature modelling

Data Set

Climate Futures Tasmania - Scenario's A2 and B1

Description of Use to stimulate the future climate to add to the timeline

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Celebrating Tasmania’s achievements

How might we use open data to celebrate Tasmania’s achievements and ensure Tasmania remains front and centre during national conversations?

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Best Creative Use of Data in Response to ESG (AU)

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