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"Trash Terminator" is a game that aims to teach others about the environmental and health impacts of Covid-19 waste. It presents and visualises Australian open datasets in an engaging medium to create conversation and promote change in the way Australian's think about and handle Covid-19 waste. Pollution from Covid-19 causes significant environmental damage and health issues. "Trash Terminator" uses data detailing animal populations, pollution statistics, Covid-19 case hotspots, and Covid-19 health advice to teach players about these important health and environmental issues. This aims to create conversation about how we dispose of our Covid-19 waste, how to best protect ourselves against Covid-19, and about the positive benefits of keeping our environment clean. Hopefully this will promote a positive change in the way Australian's protect themselves from Covid-19, the cleanliness and health of the environment, and an increased awareness of Covid-19 outbreaks.

#environment #covid-19 #pollution and wellbeing.

Data Story

"Trash Terminator" uses four major datasets; WA Containers for Change, Coronavirus cases by postcode, National Pollutant Inventory, and the Species Profile and Threats Database.

The data from WA Containers for Change is incorporated into "Trash Terminator" by using a shop mechanism for players to return collected rubbish for points. The player is able to return specific rubbish to a store that is labelled with the location of the nearest Containers for Change depot.

Coronavirus cases by postcode is used to find outbreak postcodes and change the background of players in that area. This is used to inform players that they are in an outbreak area and about safe PPE.

"Trash Terminator" places rubbish in the games environment based on the statistics from the National Pollution Inventory. As players play the game they learn about different types of rubbish and the prevalence of that pollution in the environment.

In "Trash Terminator" players can select various Australian animals as their character. Data from Species Profiles and Threats is used to display the population and type of presence of the different animals. Players learn about these animals as they try different characters.

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Team DataSets

National Pollutant Inventory

Description of Use The National Pollutant Inventory is used to calculate the amount of each different type of rubbish in the game.

Data Set

Species Profile and Threats Database

Description of Use Species Profile and Threats Database is used to provide up to date information about the population numbers of characters available in game.

Data Set

WA Containers for Change

Description of Use WA Containers for Change is used to inform players about depots near them.

Data Set

Coronavirus cases by postcode

Description of Use In our game people can enter their postcode. When there is an outbreak in that area the game will inform the relevant players.

Data Set

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