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Lana , Michael Lisitsa , Dave , Regina

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Fruit Fly

Our Team

Michael Lisitsa (linkedin.com/in/michael-lisitsa-612b3961/)

Junior Software Developer and former Civil Engineer

Lana Cowling (linkedin.com/in/lanacowling/)

Former Public Servant and aspiring Software Developer

Dave Cole (linkedin.com/in/dmc-au/)

Business Analyst and aspiring Data Scientist

Regina Chow (linkedin.com/in/reginachow625/)

Web Developer and former Accountant


A system which augments the existing PIRSA pest inspection app with three new features:
1. A grower account function with authentication.
2. A mapping function which links a grower account to relevant pest inspection traps.
3. A notification function which alerts growers when a pest is detected in their area.
Our solution is based on the GovHack 2022 challenge description and dataset. Our team consulted with a PIRSA representative for detailed information.

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Team DataSets

Fruit Fly Traps - National Minimum Data Set Surveillance Report Data - Department of Primary Industries and Regions

Description of Use PIRSA fruit fly trap monitoring data

Data Set

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Protecting South Australian growers from Fruit Fly

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