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Data: Cycling

With the increasing price of driving, especially with gas, alternative transportations such as bikes and scooters have become popular and essential to our country. Furthermore, emissions that are produced by cars and other transportations are causing a massive impact on the world, such as climate...

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The ACT’s Wellbeing Framework 2021 declares that education and life-long learning are important measures for individual wellbeing. According to the 2020 OnTrack survey, 6.4% of Victorian school leavers are looking for work twelve months later. DataACT’s Picture 2018 also revealed there that 8...

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## Problems: - Geography impacts wellbeing: for the public, it can be hard to find facilities close to them, and it can be difficult to access services that are not close by or are under-resourced. - The community may be unaware of wellbeing issues and the impacts of many everyday matters...

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Secret school project

We are providing a social software platform that can help young people and job seekers demonstrate how the soft skills and life experiences they have are valuable to employers and finding work.

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Information below and more can be found on our project homepage: https://github.com/mysticfakir/DTC_GovHack2022 PROBLEMS WE HAVE IDENTIFIED As the population in ACT continues to increase, people will have less available space, this includes green spaces, per capita. The amount and quality of...

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<b> Problems We Identified </b> By enrolling in secondary school, young people can advance their knowledge and productivity, which frequently results in higher personal earnings as well as better health and wellbeing outcomes. Having a highly skilled workforce helps the economy flourish (World...

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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; # PolEx (Policy Explorer) &nbsp; **PolEx (Policy Explorer)** is a suite of interactive dashboards delivered via a software subscription service, where users can explore the different aspects of the [Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government's Wellbeing Framework](https:/...

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A prototype public transport digital twin of Canberra.

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Petidcare is a cross-platform (developed in react native) application that allows pet owners and pet service providers, especially vets to improve their health and wellbeing. It is a digital platform that enables owners, and pet service providers to securely record/access/track pet information di...

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