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Wellbeing Warriors

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Shumirai , Josh , Jordan Shaw and 5 other members with unpublished profiles.

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As the population in ACT continues to increase, people will have less available space, this includes green spaces, per capita. The amount and quality of space that people reside in are directly related to an individual’s wellbeing. We recognise that this will significantly impact one's mental and physical well-being.

SuburbHub is an app that aims to help people decide which suburb is most ideal based on one's individual preferences such as location, accessibility, and availability of green spaces.

Suburb Hub will enable individuals to move into a space that will be beneficial to their well-being. People would appreciate or require certain facilities and space are able to be closer to them. Therefore improving the overall well-being of the community

Suburb Hub will encourage individuals to identify what they value in terms of residential dwellings, which also acts as valuable feedback to the government. The data collected from Suburb Hub can enable discussion making surrounding the allocation of funds towards public facilities and community spaces.

1. Create a profile using a variety of questions

2. Oder your preferences of facilities/spaces in terms of how important they are to you.

3. Generate a result of what areas are most suitable for you to live in based on the information given when creating the profile.

4. Provides a detailed snapshot of what is available in these areas and where the individual’s wellbeing will benefit the most.

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Data Story

Wellbeing is a difficult quality to measure, particularly when attempting to define the term and break it down into component parts. However, where you live, particularly the space you live in and those that surround you, have a clear impact on wellbeing. With this knowledge in mind, we wanted to make it easier for people to make decisions about where they live, and consequently, their own well-being. The goal of SuburbHub is to assist ACT residents make informed decisions about where to live, using existing data sets publicly available from the ACT government. We hope the app alleviates some of the stress involved with moving, allowing citizens to identify priority traits of a suburb and better make the trade-off between outside spaces and artificial infrastructure whilst awaiting policy change.

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Team DataSets

Lawson South Planning Study

Description of Use Referenced in the policy recommendation document.

Data Set

APS Workforce Strategy 2025

Description of Use Referenced in policy recommendation document.

Data Set

APS Employment Statistics – At A Glance

Description of Use Referenced in policy recommendation document.

Data Set

Exploring the expression of depression and distress in aboriginal men in central Australia: a qualitative study

Description of Use Referenced in policy recommendation document.

Data Set

ACT estimated resident population by SA3 (town centre)

Description of Use Referenced in policy recommendation document.

Data Set

Built environment and health

Description of Use Used to gather a baseline understanding of the relationship between heath/wellbeing and green spaces and built environments.

Data Set

Would You Be Happier Living in a Greener Urban Area? A Fixed-Effects Analysis of Panel Data

Description of Use Referenced in policy recommendations document.

Data Set

ACT Population Projection

Description of Use Used to calculate the green spaces per person.

Data Set

National Land Cover Account

Description of Use Used to present the change of green spaces shared by person over time.

Data Set

Higher levels of greenness and biodiversity associate with greater subjective wellbeing in adults living in Melbourne, Australia

Description of Use To support the premise and purpose of our solution.

Data Set

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