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Insufficient Data

How might we connect schools and students with their local community for learning life skills and for post school opportunities? In exploring the available data, it was found that there is insufficient information that describes what a "Life Skill" is, and insufficient data about how these und...

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The ACT’s Wellbeing Framework 2021 declares that education and life-long learning are important measures for individual wellbeing. According to the 2020 OnTrack survey, 6.4% of Victorian school leavers are looking for work twelve months later. DataACT’s Picture 2018 also revealed there that 8...

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Secret school project

We are providing a social software platform that can help young people and job seekers demonstrate how the soft skills and life experiences they have are valuable to employers and finding work.

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From Skills To Jobs

The goal of our project is to build a website that combines e-learning with job-searching tools. Thus, users can learn the skills necessary for lucrative digital employment, get recognised for their expertise, and get their dream job. As for our skill certification progress: Step 1: Firstl...

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![Lynk App Store Graphic](https://github.com/je-zhou/Lynk/blob/main/lib/app%20store.png?raw=true) # Lynk - What is it? Lynk is an app that connects the youth to their local communities via their school, and helps them learn crucial life skills that they _don't_ teach you at school! ## The ...

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<b> Problems We Identified </b> By enrolling in secondary school, young people can advance their knowledge and productivity, which frequently results in higher personal earnings as well as better health and wellbeing outcomes. Having a highly skilled workforce helps the economy flourish (World...

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Good Life School

Project Good life School tries to provide an holistic solution to address the issue of skill shortage, youth upskilling, empty CBD office and rental shortage

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With the digital age, students often find it hard to form strong bonds in the communities and prefer to engage themselves individually. Team Inspirers seeks to change that. The iCollaborate community platform is designed to empower students to create their portfolio of work and share it with ...

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Full Bloom

## Introducing the Latest and Greatest from Apple Park! **Project Full Bloom** *The modern app that connects students with vital opportunities.* Our "Full Bloom" app is for students, trainers, and businesses. It's a social media app that connects all three and it puts people in direct contac...

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Our idea is an app called connectiverse, this web based application would allow people to connect and help develop each others skills. Users of connectiverse can add skills to their profile they would like to teach and would like to learn. Based on the skills entered the users will be matched...

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## [Visit our Scratch demo at https://bit.ly/jessica-demo.](https://bit.ly/jessica-demo) ![screen](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jasebanico/GovHack2022-JESSICA/main/artifacts/ux-and-data-fields.png) Citizen Science is when the public voluntarily help conduct scientific research, and sha...

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Austarlian Census 2021 Housing Market

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