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Wenjie Huang , Yi-Ning Ho , Bokai Zhang and 3 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The goal of our project is to build a website that combines e-learning with job-searching tools. Thus, users can learn the skills necessary for lucrative digital employment, get recognised for their expertise, and get their dream job.

As for our skill certification progress:
Step 1: Firstly, we divide the users into the 5 categories based on their background.
Step 2: You may have already taken the 16 personality type assessment and experienced its usefulness for relationship-building, teamwork, management, hiring, and self-discovery. Therefore, our next step is to recommend users some skill building courses based on their preferences and personalities. Our next step is to recommend users some skill building courses based on their preferences and personalities.
Step 3: After they fully enrolled and finished our courses, the users should consider whether they want to get an offline internship or not. If No, they will directly get their course certificate online. And if they decide to enroll in the digital professional internships held by enterprises or government. They could have a real insight to what they are doing in the future better.

We have specified our target audiences and picked three of'em that may consider our website life-changing.
Case 1:
To start, yes! Josh is a farmer who owns a sizable acreage in Norwell, a distant part of Brisbane. Consequently, these worries are shared by all farmers worldwide. Josh would be very interested in learning what to plant, how to plant it, and to whom he should sell his harvest. The skills for creating website frameworks, adding files and graphics to websites, and utilizing Google Analytics to confirm the back-end sales numbers are all covered in our AQF-certified course, "How to Build Your Own Website."
We can guarantee Josh's website is up and running by enrolling in this course. He also learns about basic ideas like independent intellectual property rights and how to promote and market his organic goods on his own website.

Case 2:
The issue with Amy the accountant is that she frequently puts in extra hours. She therefore wants to acquire digital abilities that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of her work. Excel, one of her most well-known tools, is used to teach her the fundamentals of coding in our "Excel VBA for starters" CPA-certified course. Amy no longer worries about her efficiency after taking our course because she can manage bothersome yet repeatable situations with just a few lines of coding. Following her internship there, she even landed her dream position with the Queensland government.

Ben, a high school student who is set to graduate, is now our last customer. His dream job is to design software for the Victoria State Government. He intends to apply for his bachelor's degree in information technology, but he also wants to learn more about it. In addition to his academic activities, Ben could register in our sector courses for cooperation with governments. When Ben has finished the necessary training, we help him locate employment prospects in the digital industry that match his abilities. Ben was able to complete his education, secure an internship with the Victoria State government, and increase his confidence in his ability to land his ideal positions.

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Data Story

In Queensland, there will likely be an additional 10,000 jobs in 2024 that demand workers with digital capabilities. The demand for workers will continue to rise in 2022, as shown by the labour force trend and report on the labour market dataset. Queensland has a greater employment rate than Australia for community and personal service employees, but a lower employment rate than Australia for managers, clerical and administrative workers. Employment is impacted by main factors such as skill levels, occupations, and industries. Our website analyzes data from databases and offers upskilling programmes, analyses of the digital evolution, and formal government certification of skills. Our website assists users in developing the skills necessary to get employment in the future.

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