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With the increasing price of driving, especially with gas, alternative transportations such as bikes and scooters have become popular and essential to our country. Furthermore, emissions that are produced by cars and other transportations are causing a massive impact on the world, such as climate...

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An AI and data driven approach to discovering, creating and nurturing our beautiful and lively neighborhoods in NSW. The project uses Australian census data , NSW housing data along with ATO , Bocsar (NSW) , NSW health , NSW Planning to give a clear story regarding the different suburbs in NSW...

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Urban Design and Amenity

Project Description Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-sCdyawKDdCGEFzJBJf3bTK7R2pypMI/edit With the significant impact of climate change, our cities are reshaping, and the future is being refocused on tech, transportation and open spaces; stage by stage; we believe the classical im...

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# Cyclo Cyclo is an application that promote cycling and using of public transport by gamifying it and making reward system. We are gamifying the cycling and alternate transport experience. Using beautifully designed interactive maps, users can plan their best alternate transport and cy...

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# Cycl **Govhack 2022 entry for Alternate transport challenge: How can we make NSW a cycling-friendly state?** https://hackerspace.govhack.org/challenges/alternate_transport ##❔ Problem Statement Currently NSW is not a particularly cycling-friendly state. From the **NSW Active Transport :...

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This software assists in overcoming obstacles that prevent bicycle riding from being a practical or appealing choice. There might be roadwork, congested roads, crowds, terrible weather, or a shortage of study materials, for example. Open data may be used to identify crowds in real time, the short...

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Future Freight

Using flood, fire, congestion and rest stop data the most resilient and cost-effective route can be determined while also offering live service updates depending on current road conditions to ensure safety! Team Members (UniSC Sippy Downs): Samuel Jorgensen Michael Calzada Riley Ellacott T...

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Honey Badger

Predicting roads closure affected by floods and bushfires # Problem The problem we were looking to solve was the supply chain disruption caused by weather events such as flooding and fires. This can impact trucks, cyclists, and other vehicles regardless of whether you are in NSW or Hobart. ...

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# CleanRoute Commuting to work sustainably is hard. Currently there is no app or service within Australia that allows commuters to discover and plan sustainable commutes and with the impending deadline of net zero by-2050, we must all play a part in ensuring that we make the most sustainab...

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New Cycle Wales

Arguing that cars in CBDs around NSW should be banned to allow bikes and pedestrians

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Urban Cycleways NSW

In this project, we build on current data and infrastructure to respond to the challenge of how we can make NSW a cycling friendly state, particularly the urban areas. We are proposing a comprehensive approach to the challenge through a 5-point agenda. First, we note that only the City of Sydn...

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# FlexiTrip *FlexiTrip* is a system which monitors the occupancy rate and real time location of public transport in ACT to provde the real-time dynamic pricing to each user. *FlexiTrip* believes that a dynamic pricing on public transport will balance the traffic of the whole transport system ...

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