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Sushil Shakya

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This software assists in overcoming obstacles that prevent bicycle riding from being a practical or appealing choice. There might be roadwork, congested roads, crowds, terrible weather, or a shortage of study materials, for example. Open data may be used to identify crowds in real time, the shortest distance travel, roadworks, laws, and many other things.
For example, while there is constrution going on. Cyclists can be better informed of construction zones, appropriate bike lanes, and anything else that may get alerts opting for real-time alert choices. So, by using this app, individuals may receive notifications about numerous potential threats.
Our primary goal is to encourage people to ride bicycles for zero carbon emissions and a safe trip.

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Data Story

CycleMate's key goals include making users' riding journeys safer, easier, and more enjoyable. It encourages users to utilise bicycles or alternate transportation if there are any incidents or obstructions on their trip. We have aggregated datasets from open data sources such as d2012-08 sydney cycling survey,,, City of Perth, and Transport for NSW in the course of this project to find the factors affecting cyclist obstacles in order to understand problems encountered during routes and the flow of information.

CycleMate has utilised these data to analyse the cycle users and obstacle patterns along the route and discovered that there is an option to warn real time crowd, traffic, road works and more following the specific route throughout their travel as well as providing real time information and warnings on other significant elements like weather.

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Road Map, Direction, Length

Description of Use Latitude and Longitude from geography can trace cyclist in real time and predict the distance with time from start and end of their journey excluding any obstacles that may encounter.

Data Set

Cycle Routes

Description of Use Using route classification to acknowledge learners in study resources to know if it is integrated, city circle or pedestrian path. Infrastructure type helps to classify the zone details as a group set to be alert. Status lets offline and online users to know existing and future works to be retained or obtained in that route.

Data Set

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