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Ensuring the safety of our staff

The use of machinery, equipment and vehicles in workplaces in Australia is very common. The use of all this equipment helps in boosting the efficiency and convenience of an organisation. However, this equipment has the potential for several injuries and life-threatening damages to the employees, ...

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Ensuring the safety of our staff

GovHack Project from Navitas Students. The project includes a Powerpoint and excel spreadsheet done by 4 members of the team.

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Workplace Safety

All workplaces have an obligation to create a safe working environment.There are a variety of health and safety practices in use at Charles Darwin University and one of them is providing and maintaining safe machinery and structures.

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Displacing Diesel

Our Northern Territory is highly reliant on diesel from every use.But diesel bit costly and risky to transport. By using few of those idea, we may save some diesel and find out alternative options.

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Ensuring the safety of our staff Challenge

This project will let everyone know in Charles Darwin University in real time if a machine is not working or if it is broken. This will be achieved by an application that will provide real time reporting of the faults, notify managers and suppliers of faults and risky equipment and provide a data...

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