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Team McAwesomeVille

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Frank Espinoza , Prakash , Luis Bernuy

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This project will let everyone know in Charles Darwin University in real time if a machine is not working or if it is broken. This will be achieved by an application that will provide real time reporting of the faults, notify managers and suppliers of faults and risky equipment and provide a data analytics panel to diagnose and forecast incidents and provide suggestions to develop strategies to reduce number of accidents in the future.

What is the best way for a staff member to know that a vehicle, machine, or equipment is safe to use before they start using it?
The staff member opens up the application and through a search bar, looks for the vehicle, machine, or equipment and taps on it.
Once that happens, an interactive image will show the vehicle and its full status. If there is something wrong with the equipment, it will show a red color in the specific part that is not working in a very user friendly interface.
If the staff member starts using the equipment and half way through it stops working, then they have the option to tap on the image of the equipment and tap on the multiple parts available that are not working. Then they can attach a message stating what’s wrong and the approximate location of the fault. Once they click submit, the current status of the faulty equipment gets saved on an internal database and an email/notification/sms gets sent to the predetermined repairs supplier notifying them of this, as well as another separate notification email is sent to the managers/admin staff informing of what happened. Notification is sent out also to the person reporting the fault so they keep updated on the status of their report.

We put all these information into a datase managed by CDU and we derive analytics based on this information to prevent workplace accidents. E.g. While checking the status of the equipment, the user may see at the bottom information about the most common sources of accident for the equipment and under what conditions these are most likely to happen, so the user can be prepared and aware.

How do you ensure that faults are easily, quickly and accurately reported as soon are detected, so the relevant person is notified and can stop anyone else trying to use the faulty vehicle/machine/equipment?
Via the notification system stated above. Every staff would have to check the current status of the machine as a pre condition to start using it, which would force them to see if something is wrong and therefore, not use faulty equipment.

How can we use data to pre-emptively warn about vehicles/machinery/equipment that may need servicing or minor repair before a fault occurs or a major repair is required?
Have a dashboard with all the heavy machinery/equipment at CDU. This would list them and in separate fields would show information such as “last day of service”, “days without reporting a fault”, “minor repairs accumulated throughout the year”, “number of faults reported on this specific vehicle”, etc. If one of the indicators crosses a pre-determined threshold, a notification will automatically be sent to the service/repair supplier cc’ing the supervisor at CDU informing them about the issue and suggesting solutions.

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Ensuring the safety of our staff

How might we use data to support the health and safety of staff who are required to operate vehicles, machinery and other equipment at work?

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