Ensuring the safety of our staff

Jurisdiction: Northern Territory

How might we use data to support the health and safety of staff who are required to operate vehicles, machinery and other equipment at work?

All workplaces have an obligation to create a safe working environment. Benefits of workplace health and safety include:

• Reduce injury and illness in the workplace
• Reduce the costs of injury and workers' compensation
• Help retain staff
• Improve staff productivity

There are a variety of health and safety practices in use at Charles Darwin University and one of them is providing and maintaining safe machinery and structures.

This Challenge is to create a solution that uses data to support the health and safety of staff when they are operating vehicles, machinery and other equipment at work.

In your solution, consider:

• What is the best way for a staff member to know that a vehicle, machine, or equipment is safe to use before they start using it?
• How do you ensure that faults are easily, quickly and accurately reported as soon are detected, so the relevant person is notified and can stop anyone else trying to use the faulty vehicle/machine/equipment?
• How can we use data to pre-emptively warn about vehicles/machinery/equipment that may need servicing or minor repair before a fault occurs or a major repair is required?

Additional background information

All vehicles/machinery/equipment have an associated safe work procedure, operator manual and pre-start checklist. See the attached PDF for an example checklist for a forklift.

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