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Our Northern Territory is highly reliant on diesel from every use.But diesel bit costly and risky to transport. By using few of those idea, we may save some diesel and find out alternative options.

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The extreme hot Northern Territory weather may helps us to grow solar power. Even though it costly at the beginning but it's a one time investment. This solar energy helps us to produce electricity. By this way, we may reduce using diesel.
Windmill another source of reusable energy which we can implement any open field.
IN this project our main focus on Tidal energy which is 10 times better then UV or Windmill energy. There have lots of design for tidal energy which we implement under water. It's a high cost of using diesel and transporting diesel to remote area. Based on Northern Territory Fleet Vehicle Profiles - June 2022, we can understand the usage of Diesel. Also annual traffic report 2019 helps to understand the demand of diesel at urban and remote area. Also, we need diesel to produce electricity. In that case , if we are going to use Tidal energy to cover up electricity, we may save lot of diesel for future. Tidal energy we can simply install close to our costal area or under the lake. Water constant flow active the Tidal Energy. Western Australia recent focused on Tidal energy.

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Northern Territory Fleet Vehicle Profiles - June 2022

Description of Use By using this data we can understand the vehicles demand and fuel type they use.

Data Set

Rural area Primary 10yr

Description of Use Usage of vehicle at Rural area

Data Set

Urban Primary 10yr

Description of Use Uses of vehicle at Urban area

Data Set

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