How can we beat Gamba Grass?

Jurisdiction: Northern Territory

How can we reduce the risk of fire and damage caused by gamba grass to the natural environment, life, property and infrastructure?

Gamba grass has been assessed as a very high risk weed in the Northern Territory due to its impact (and potential for further impact) on the Northern Territory’s natural environment, economy and cultural values. It is declared under the Act as a Class A (to be eradicated) and Class B (growth and spread to be controlled) weed in different zones.

Gamba grass covers approximately 1.5 million hectares in the Darwin and Katherine regions of the Northern Territory. The largest and most dense infestations are located throughout the Darwin region, in the Class B management zone. Infestations in the Katherine region are smaller and are considered eradicable. Current and detailed distribution data can be obtained online by visiting the Northern Territory Government’s NR Maps or by submitting a request to the Weed Management Branch.

There are knowledge gaps regarding the distribution of gamba grass in both the Class A and Class B zones. A priority is to address this with development and implementation of a mapping and monitoring plan and ensuring community contribution of gamba grass distribution data.

What tools have we available to us to enable a more strategic approach to gamba grass management?

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