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All workplaces have an obligation to create a safe working environment.There are a variety of health and safety practices in use at Charles Darwin University and one of them is providing and maintaining safe machinery and structures.

#artificial intelligence system implement on existing cameras.

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Before using any equipment or vehicle, we need to train everyone and let them aware about safety issues.
Visible Warning should be display every where.
Now in this project we are working on AI or Artificial Intelligence Technology. Now a days everything monitored by CCTV camera. Implementing AI system on existing camera we solve our safety issues. AI system camera simply recognise the incident and share the information who needed most and ware the hazard. So that next person be careful before working on it. AI can identify the person and his health condition and warn the system if anything goes wrong. AI can recognise any tools, equipment or vehicle and alert everyone if it's not safe. This cloud based AI technology can make our workplace more safer for staff.

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Ensuring the safety of our staff

How might we use data to support the health and safety of staff who are required to operate vehicles, machinery and other equipment at work?

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