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#Problem Statement For most of us the most expensive outgoing that we have is our rent or mortgage and house prices have increased by 22% last year and rents have increased by 33% in regional area and by 25% in capital cities. This is putting a huge crisis on housing affordability. The rental...

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Cities in Australia and all over the world are facing a similar problem: thanks to the impact of COVID and people working from home, there are a lot of underutilized offices. In today's **environment**, we consider this a misuse of space. Many businesses have been forced to downsize or even sh...

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This software assists in overcoming obstacles that prevent bicycle riding from being a practical or appealing choice. There might be roadwork, congested roads, crowds, terrible weather, or a shortage of study materials, for example. Open data may be used to identify crowds in real time, the short...

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Good Life School

Project Good life School tries to provide an holistic solution to address the issue of skill shortage, youth upskilling, empty CBD office and rental shortage

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An AI and data driven approach to discovering, creating and nurturing our beautiful and lively neighborhoods in NSW. The project uses Australian census data , NSW housing data along with ATO , Bocsar (NSW) , NSW health , NSW Planning to give a clear story regarding the different suburbs in NSW...

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