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NOTE: Please view Google Doc Story for full transparency: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D5YW4s42ydB88urZJONsHuzcZ7foswS5roXQKERPmFs/edit?usp=sharing C zero focuses on helping reduce carbon emissions through the collaboration and promotion of micro mobility and city landscapes. Our goal...

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Carbon dioxide emission has the main impact on global climate change and the world must be responsible for this. Electricity generation produces 47,6% of the carbon dioxide emission respectively, followed by manufacturing and mining and transportation. With the development of technology, individu...

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Cartesian Pin

The transport sector contributed 18.6% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 and now in the post-pandemic era is once again beginning to trend upwards in terms of raw emissions. [1] As we did with the pandemic, we must flatten the curve to help Australia reach net zero emissions by 2050...

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Data: Cycling

With the increasing price of driving, especially with gas, alternative transportations such as bikes and scooters have become popular and essential to our country. Furthermore, emissions that are produced by cars and other transportations are causing a massive impact on the world, such as climate...

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# Cycl **Govhack 2022 entry for Alternate transport challenge: How can we make NSW a cycling-friendly state?** https://hackerspace.govhack.org/challenges/alternate_transport ##❔ Problem Statement Currently NSW is not a particularly cycling-friendly state. From the **NSW Active Transport :...

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Microfarming at Scale

Exploring the feasibility of creating a microfarming economy. Whether through community-based farms or privately owned farms, is there room to take the strain off the food supply in our increasingly growing population. Further, the option to reduce the reliance on imports for food will increase s...

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Electric Roadrunner

# Electric Roadrunner **Electric Roadrunner** is a content management solution and API for use in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging apps to highlight tourism opportunities in the area of the EV charging stations. EVs challenge us to reframe our thinking about road trip pit stops. They represen...

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# Cyclo Cyclo is an application that promote cycling and using of public transport by gamifying it and making reward system. We are gamifying the cycling and alternate transport experience. Using beautifully designed interactive maps, users can plan their best alternate transport and cy...

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Urban Design and Amenity

Project Description Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-sCdyawKDdCGEFzJBJf3bTK7R2pypMI/edit With the significant impact of climate change, our cities are reshaping, and the future is being refocused on tech, transportation and open spaces; stage by stage; we believe the classical im...

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# Important Links [![Open app in browser](https://i.imgur.com/WYyxexk.jpg)](https://brycy.itch.io/govhack2022) [![Watch video](https://i.imgur.com/uHVdSim.jpg)](https://youtu.be/vqK-STnwBPY) # What is This? This is an interactive data visualiser tool that allows you to experiment with...

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# CleanRoute Commuting to work sustainably is hard. Currently there is no app or service within Australia that allows commuters to discover and plan sustainable commutes and with the impending deadline of net zero by-2050, we must all play a part in ensuring that we make the most sustainab...

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New Cycle Wales

Arguing that cars in CBDs around NSW should be banned to allow bikes and pedestrians

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Green Team

The Green Team are committed to creating a way for households to be a force for community change within their own backyards. As residents, either homeowners or renters, there is an opportunity for us all to create change in our very own backyard. From planting local native endangered flora to ...

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Towards Zero Net Emission Through Active Transport

In this project, we respond to the challenge of how we can help Australia reach net zero emissions by 2050 through a pilot program in NSW which promotes active transport in urban areas. We propose a 5-point agenda which can be replicated across the other states and territories where participants ...

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The goal of Trans C O 2 is to contribute to the Net zero by 20 50 emissions target. This is achieved by highlighting emission friendly forms of transport through sustainable energy behaviours, and generate visualisations which are automated for route optimisation taking into account carbon emissi...

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We want to use public space 1. To generate electricity. 2. lower the heat in cities and urban spaces by greenifying using Biophylic design 3. reduce carbon Create NFT market coins for the community that supports it.

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