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Project Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16tLKxM1PNB7sAPGMHSbf07OKavkGk0j9/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101073660354177681714&rtpof=true&sd=true Australia relies on freight to keep the economy moving. The transport and logistics sectors of the Australian economy are estimated to contri...

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"TRACE-ACT" - Transport Intelligent Observation Platform

"TRACE-ACT", a real-time public transport statistics dashboard based out of observability data models enabling the government to visualize real-time usage patterns and take informed decisions.

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Public Transport Optimisation

Optimising Canberra’s public transport The optimisation of a public transport network balances the needs of the travellers and the cost to run those services. Optimised networks have a higher number of travellers, higher ticket revenue while minimising operating expenses. Identifying peak cap...

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Project PAS

Pricing Public Transport Background ACT is facing a loss of public transport patronage where citizens have reduced the use of public transport post-Covid. Problems: High prices during peak hours. 90 minutes single fair constraint that is beneficial for the commuters but disadvantageous for...

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A prototype public transport digital twin of Canberra.

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# CleanRoute Commuting to work sustainably is hard. Currently there is no app or service within Australia that allows commuters to discover and plan sustainable commutes and with the impending deadline of net zero by-2050, we must all play a part in ensuring that we make the most sustainab...

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Sustainable Variable Pricing for Public Transportation in the ACT

In this project, we are addressing the challenge of how we might price public transport to balance capacity supply and patronage demand through a tiered approach that considers a base fare and surcharges for distance travelled and time of travel. Our solution requires a unified RTPIS data format ...

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The goal of Trans C O 2 is to contribute to the Net zero by 20 50 emissions target. This is achieved by highlighting emission friendly forms of transport through sustainable energy behaviours, and generate visualisations which are automated for route optimisation taking into account carbon emissi...

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CanBus is an integrated and cost effective Public Transport solution for Canberra which provides affordable and equitable mobility access for all sections of the society including disadvantaged, elderly, youth and disabled

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# FlexiTrip *FlexiTrip* is a system which monitors the occupancy rate and real time location of public transport in ACT to provde the real-time dynamic pricing to each user. *FlexiTrip* believes that a dynamic pricing on public transport will balance the traffic of the whole transport system ...

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