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In Sight, In Mind

*Stress impairs judgement.* In Sight, In Mind is about empowering Australians with information in their most difficult times. People attend the Emergency Department (ED) for non-emergency reasons. This could be problematic: * For the patient as wait times in EDs can be extensive. * For t...

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SEEQUENCE - WHERE NOW? - Retain and showcase Fremantle’s soul - the amazing cultures and ambiances (plural!) of the city - showcasing it to both new and existing residents (and of course the many tourists) - Ease congestion - Seequence will promote public transportation as well as use algorithm...

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Fremantle Neighbourhood Explorer

A web-based system for exploring rich open datasets about Fremantle at the street scale, combining history and amenity resources with themes of walkability and public transport. Offering opportunities to learn about your local area and contribute your own observations, photos and local knowledge....

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# CleanRoute Commuting to work sustainably is hard. Currently there is no app or service within Australia that allows commuters to discover and plan sustainable commutes and with the impending deadline of net zero by-2050, we must all play a part in ensuring that we make the most sustainab...

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