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Open Source Fremantle

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Sam Wilson , Maia Williams

Project Description

A web-based system for exploring rich open datasets about Fremantle at the street scale, combining history and amenity resources with themes of walkability and public transport. Offering opportunities to learn about your local area and contribute your own observations, photos and local knowledge. For the purpose of finding out about your neighbourhood and having a single place from which to access many resources.

Using ABS, data.wa and OpenStreetMap data as the base datasets for the web map. Linking to inHerit, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, Wikidata, iNaturalist (and City of Fremantle datasets if possible). Also linking to a small local streets project.

Residents will be offered links to Wikimedia Commons for uploading photos of their area, links to iNaturalist for uploading flora and fauna observations, links to a local Freo streets project for adding their own (textual) information about their neighbourhood.

All the datasets and databases presented on this web platform are hosted with open source projects (or government agencies) alongside any privately managed but openly available projects. This means that there is no data hosting overhead for whoever is managing this site. This reduces the maintenance requirements and means it is likely to be a successful long-term project that Fremantle residents to come to appreciate, enjoy and rely on for local information and resources!


Data Story

The data sources we are using are

  • ABS
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Wikidata
  • Wikipedia
  • Creative Commons
  • inHerit
  • iNaturalist
  • An open local streets project

Data we ran out of time to include

  • From data wA:
    • Urban Forest measures
    • Public transport routes/stops

Datasets we'd love to be using (currently not openly available)

  • City of Fremantle datasets
    • Dog walking parks
    • Green spaces
    • Attractions etc

Datasets we'd like to extract more from

  • More OSM data as pins (not just base map)
    • BBQs, playgrounds, benches etc.
  • More ABS demographic data visualised on map (and values listed)
    • Population distribution across age groups
    • Household type distributions (family vs single vs group)
    • Most common ancestry and languages per meshblock

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

Public Transport Authority Service Routes (PTA-002)

Description of Use If we'd had time we wanted to add this data as an overlay on our map. To show people which public transport options are available - alongside interesting places/photos/articles, walking distance data and urban forest data.

Data Set

Urban Forest Mesh Blocks - 2020 (DPLH-096)

Description of Use If we'd had time we wanted to display this data for each selected meshblock on our map (and surrounding few). Particularly to be read in conjunction with walking distance shapes.

Data Set

City of Fremantle Open Data, Maps & Apps

Description of Use We would have loved to use some of the data layers shown on the City of Fremantle web maps, but unfortunately they are not open and we could not access them. We would have used: parks, dog walking areas, landmarks datasets and more.

Data Set


Description of Use We're linking to inHerit entries via Wikidata.

Data Set


Description of Use Just linking to this project. In the future it'd be great to display iNaturalist observation locations on our map.

Data Set

Wikimedia Commons

Description of Use Using this as a source of photographs for the local area.

Data Set


Description of Use Articles about local places and people.

Data Set


Description of Use Used as a connector for OSM street data, Wikipedia, inHerit and Wikipedia articles.

Data Set

ABS Table Builder Pro

Description of Use Downloaded some demographic data for 2016 Fremantle meshblocks as csv. Used 2016 data because 2021 not yet available in TableBuilder. Processed the data with ABS ASGS data and converted to geojson, and Lua dictionary formats. Downloaded population, household types, ancestry and language measures. Future versions of the web app will definitely use the ABS API instead of this process.

Data Set

ABS 2016 ASGS spatial data

Description of Use Downloaded as shp then converted to geojson and other formats. But future versions of this application will definitely make use of the ABS API instead.

Data Set


Description of Use Using this data to get streets adjacent to meshblocks of interest, to extract points of interest and amenities. If we'd had time we also wanted to calculate 15 minute walkable polygons along the road network. To display as a layer beneath all the POI datasets on the map.

Data Set

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Most outstanding benefit to the residents of Fremantle 2022

How can we use Open Data to most benefit residents of Fremantle?

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