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The ACT’s Wellbeing Framework 2021 declares that education and life-long learning are important measures for individual wellbeing. According to the 2020 OnTrack survey, 6.4% of Victorian school leavers are looking for work twelve months later. DataACT’s Picture 2018 also revealed there that 8...

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The issue of sustainable water use presents a growing challenge in Australia, driven by the increasing consumption, climate variability and low reuse. AquaDash is a water tank recommendation tool that quantifies potential water bill savings and provides personalised guidelines on what tank the us...

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Microfarming at Scale

Exploring the feasibility of creating a microfarming economy. Whether through community-based farms or privately owned farms, is there room to take the strain off the food supply in our increasingly growing population. Further, the option to reduce the reliance on imports for food will increase s...

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What is Bindii ======= ------<br> ![Bindii] (https://a.storyblok.com/f/149050/1920x1080/a921d7747e/bindi_cover.jpg) ![Bindii] (https://a.storyblok.com/f/149050/1920x1080/8614efbf6e/cover.jpg) ------<br> Bindii is a fun and interactive mobile app that teaches kids about our native fl...

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Project 1895 - GreenWe

**Problem Statement:** Water and produce are critical resources on our planet. With the food and water crisis affecting many communities, we as a community need to ensure that there are enough resources available for future generations. Moreton Bay, Unity Water and ESG recognise that they have ...

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ARMRA (Animal Recognition, Mornitoring and Rescue Application) - (Web/Mobile Application)

Machine Learning Animal Care Platform - Mobile App, Community Engagement

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UnityMizu is a support application for UnityWater. The application leverage the current system and policy that UnityWater have, to offer a comprehensive customer experience and give them control over their water usage and saving strategy at the end of their finger tip.

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Green Team

The Green Team are committed to creating a way for households to be a force for community change within their own backyards. As residents, either homeowners or renters, there is an opportunity for us all to create change in our very own backyard. From planting local native endangered flora to ...

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## [Visit our Scratch demo at https://bit.ly/jessica-demo.](https://bit.ly/jessica-demo) ![screen](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jasebanico/GovHack2022-JESSICA/main/artifacts/ux-and-data-fields.png) Citizen Science is when the public voluntarily help conduct scientific research, and sha...

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