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Carbon dioxide emission has the main impact on global climate change and the world must be responsible for this. Electricity generation produces 47,6% of the carbon dioxide emission respectively, followed by manufacturing and mining and transportation. With the development of technology, individu...

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Cities in Australia and all over the world are facing a similar problem: thanks to the impact of COVID and people working from home, there are a lot of underutilized offices. In today's **environment**, we consider this a misuse of space. Many businesses have been forced to downsize or even sh...

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Information below and more can be found on our project homepage: https://github.com/mysticfakir/DTC_GovHack2022 PROBLEMS WE HAVE IDENTIFIED As the population in ACT continues to increase, people will have less available space, this includes green spaces, per capita. The amount and quality of...

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Urban Design and Amenity

Project Description Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-sCdyawKDdCGEFzJBJf3bTK7R2pypMI/edit With the significant impact of climate change, our cities are reshaping, and the future is being refocused on tech, transportation and open spaces; stage by stage; we believe the classical im...

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# Important Links [![Open app in browser](https://i.imgur.com/WYyxexk.jpg)](https://brycy.itch.io/govhack2022) [![Watch video](https://i.imgur.com/uHVdSim.jpg)](https://youtu.be/vqK-STnwBPY) # What is This? This is an interactive data visualiser tool that allows you to experiment with...

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Good Life School

Project Good life School tries to provide an holistic solution to address the issue of skill shortage, youth upskilling, empty CBD office and rental shortage

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We want to use public space 1. To generate electricity. 2. lower the heat in cities and urban spaces by greenifying using Biophylic design 3. reduce carbon Create NFT market coins for the community that supports it.

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