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<b> Problems We Identified </b> By enrolling in secondary school, young people can advance their knowledge and productivity, which frequently results in higher personal earnings as well as better health and wellbeing outcomes. Having a highly skilled workforce helps the economy flourish (World...

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## The Problem **"addresses were originally created for human-to-human communication within a given context, not for data science. How can we solve addresses and more easily connect our datasets?"** - An address that is human-readable isn't understood by machines - An address that is machi...

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Our Team has picked up the pain point of the Vic Gov. We are providing an Unique way to Compare, Predict and Synergise the data sets **Added by GovHack (Request via Email)** Datasets: [Australia Post – Address standards](https://hackerspace.govhack.org/visits?visit%5Bvisitable_id%5D=1289&v...


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You can try our GNA Parser at https://hipcoder.com to generate a GNA Code for your address! ------------------------------- Imagine different entries in your database with these addresses. | Unit 6B, 12 Argyle St. MELBOURNE VIC 3002 | Flat 6B 12 Argyle STREET Melbourne Victoria 30...

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GeoMatch is a utility that helps in linking various location-based data together. It has the following components: Geo Data Index. This index contains geolocated records that links to external data sources, such as the vast address-based open data repositories. Data sources that have addres...

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