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Swetalina Nayak , Rup , Anikesh , Saket

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Our Team has picked up the pain point of the Vic Gov. We are providing an Unique way to Compare, Predict and Synergise the data sets

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Australia Post – Address standards
Google Plus Codes
Geoscape Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)
Vicmap Features of Interest
Vicmap Reference - Address Source Table
Vicmap Address dataset
Victorian Government School Zones 2023
Traffic Lights data - Victoria
Victorian fatal and injury crash data
Victorian liquor licences by location
Traffic Count Locations - Victoria Roads
School Locations 2022 - Victoria
Building Permit Activity Data 2022 - The Victorian Building Authority

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The Problem
As VicGov,

We want to discover useful connections with various data sets,

So That We can predict, update and accurately provide the locations of events and make it consistent.

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Better use of data - Connecting addresses in datasets

Addresses in datasets are a complicated thing. For example, they may have typos and abbreviations, they might rely on the context of the dataset (is this Melbourne Australia, or Melbourne Florida), and they may be more or less specific. Given an address or dataset containing addresses, how can we discover useful connections with other datasets given a large corpus of potential information?

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What’s going where?

Help transport planners find the detailed locations that different types of freight are coming from and going to

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