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Jessie , Priyanka , Nirish Tandukar , David Truong

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Project Description Detail: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L-ATBWufgDuj_xWA5DW6eW6qqvXw0cNM/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101073660354177681714&rtpof=true&sd=true

Tasmania Island may have once been connected to the Australian continent. The Furneaux Islands are a clear remnant of the land bridge that, up until the end of the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago, connected Tasmania to mainland Australia. The remains of this connection between Tasmania's north-eastern corner and Victoria's Wilsons Promontory is the strip of land. However, The Australian Island state of Tasmania has been omitted from maps of Australia over time. Tasmania was left off the map in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Brisbane in 1982. With the issues like these that has had happened in the past, Former Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings said, "We want absolute confirmation they realise Tasmania is a critical part of Australia and must not be left off any maps when it comes to the 2032 Olympics. Despite having outstanding scientific achievements, rich in history, and culture, there is still not enough awareness of Tasmania as one of the states of Australia.

Product: TasMedia

Tas Media is a platform for every resident in Tasmania or anyone travelling to Tasmania. The app will be a super-educational app to clue people about the cultural significance and the history of Tasmania. The platform will consist of libraries of histories about the state, lots of fun facts about its people, heaps of travellers and breaking news about the state’s achievements. The main target of sending the breaking news will be via the notification on the app. The application with promoting and share the history, news, podcast, blogs and achievements of Tasmania state.

How will the API Work?

The application for the product will be in one place whereas the platform will also distribute its API to different businesses and service providers in Tasmania. As a media group, it is possible to connect with different businesses like
•Bank of Us: Bank of US, for example Bank of Us has more than 32,400 active customers.

•Metro Tas: The Metro Tas app brings together trip planning, Greencard ticketing and real-time network updates in one place. The app has been downloaded More than 10k+ downloads just on the android platform.

•Digital Tas (Service Tas): With the possibility of Digital Tas/ services being introduced in near future for a digital license, and other services. We can see the potential of many users in this type of application.

API will connect with assets/databases to access required information/ data and send it to the app. Likewise, Tasmanians or travellers who are already using the apps from the different service providers will receive a friendly notification every week. The notification will highlight the history, culture and achievements of Tasmania. The focus of Tasmania Media is making their state history familiar to the locals along with spreading them among their friends and families from various parts of Australia.

In near future, TasMedia can work in a partnership with other Tasmania existing applications which can lead us to extend our API distribution to huge service provider apps or a company like 7NEWS, Sydney Traffic App, Vodafone mobile app, Commbank etc.

Data Story

The problem with Tasmania being left out is: there is not enough awareness about Tasmania, about its rich history, its cultural depth, its outstanding scientific achievements, its beautiful state of nature.

Australians are now more digitally connected than ever, and Tasmania should get into the talk, the “like” or “share” fever of social media, the everyday conversation between families and friends, or become the next to-go-list on Australian’s travelling plan.

TasMedia - a Media platform that promote and share the history, news, podcast, blogs and achievements about Tasmania State.

TasMedia is a media agency dedicated to Tasmanian news.
The platform has libraries of histories about the state, lots of fun facts about its people, heaps of travelling tips around Tasmania, and breaking news about the state’s achievements.

TasMedia utilises stories and news from Tasmanian Libraries, Wikipedia, News Channel, theLIST and its own media agency capability to produce media content promoting the state of Tasmania.

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Libraries Tasmania Digitised Archives

Description of Use TASMEDIA use this dataset to create the content in TASMEDIA.

Data Set

A plan to bring the Tasmanian tiger back from extinction raises questions

Description of Use Notifying the Tasmanians about important news related to the state.

Data Set

Wikipedia page: Omission of Tasmania from maps of Australia

Data Set

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Celebrating Tasmania’s achievements

How might we use open data to celebrate Tasmania’s achievements and ensure Tasmania remains front and centre during national conversations?

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