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Leo Febey

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A very simple web app that shows flood alerts from Twitter and charts of rainfall data since 1882.

#rain #chartjs #webapp #python

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I used the BOM historic data for Hobart weather station, all months since 1882 to show the rainfall in mm from 1882 to 2022. I also showed the last 10 years, which shows that it's increasing.

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Twitter - TASAlert

Data Set

Monthly rainfall - Hobart (Ellerslie Road)

Description of Use Used to show a chart of rainfall mm from 1882 to 2022

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Flood Risk: Understanding the impact of climate change on extreme weather events in Hobart

Hobart, Tasmania is prone to extreme weather events, especially flash flooding. How can we better understand the risk of flooding and build a robust model to illustrate the increasing regularity and intensity of flooding? What would the impact of coincident events look like? How can we develop a collaborative flood warning and alert system for Hobart?

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