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####Re:waste - your companion to understanding the impacts of your waste With approximately 8,000 thriving businesses in the City of Adelaide, there is a constant stream of human activity including fast fashion, indulging in an abundance of fresh produce, and an unawareness of how to implemen...

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Wheels of change

The central Idea is a system for waste to be properly separated (by incentives) by business in the Adelaide City with an intention to later include regional. Businesses in Adelaide City need to be educated on how to keep it clean of contaminants. They need to be incentivized to deposit waste in ...

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Over 129 billion masks were used globally every month, with the numbers increasing during covid’s peak. This means that over 3 million masks are thrown away in the rubbish bin every minute. To tackle the covid waste and overall recycling crisis, our team, re-imagine has developed a plan that w...

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Like the saying,“One business’s trash is another business's treasure” *What if we can help connect those businesses?* <h>XChange</h> is an app and a plaza that connects enterprises and businesses to exchange each other’s recycled goods and earn crypto tokens doing it! Watch our video here:...

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