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Dirty Watts

## Problem Statement We have all heard about NZ power being not entirely clean and green - at peak power times Coal and Oil is used. The problem for the community is that we don’t have easy ways of being aware of when this dirty generation is being used. That means it is hard to engage people w...

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#Problems we found - On the 17th of August 2022, the slip from floods also caused damage to water pipes in Nelson, leading to failure in restoring the main water supply line from the Maitai Reservoir to Nelson city. It took two days since the damage to supply water through a secondary pipe wi...

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Make Buses Attractive :)

The problem is that not enough people are using public transport within Australia and New Zealand. Whilst buses are a fantastic idea for communities to commute and transit, they are severely under-utilised.

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# Problem Statement Many cities recognise that good public transport services that meet passenger needs are key to supporting a city’s economy, the wellbeing of citizens and many other environmental and societal benefits. However, despite the many advantages we often see a low occupancy rate wit...

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