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Triaid : The best app for your healthcare

Problem statement

The Northern Territory Emergency Departments are overloaded, people are dying. Available resources from Government are underused. According to datasets provided by the Northern Territory Government, there is a common trend leading to 9% of all ED visits being unnecessary which ultimately resulted in many delays.

How can we resolve this using data and technology?

Triaid offers the digital solution of centralising already existing services.

  • The app facilitates the connection between the crowded emergency departments and other resources so that it utilises the available options and alleviates the pressure of emergency services. Triaid will make use of existing technologies to direct users to the correct resource which will assist in alleviating the stress within the emergency department and thus providing access to those that truly need it. Our application is very simple yet effective, the dominant feature within the app is the symptoms checker.
  • Users will be able to enter their current symptoms to determine what service they should use. The recommendation system uses AI and Machine Learning to determine personal requirements. If the recommendation is to attend the ER, then an integrated map will display local Emergency Departments as well as their wait times based on the triage level determined by the application.
  • The real-time tracking of Emergency Departments is made possible by a centralised system in which local hospitals will be able to input parameters so that an algorithm can determine the estimated wait time, much more convenient compares to calling or getting triage in person. This feature gives the choice to the user about whether they really need to attend the hospital and if they choose to do so then they can attend a less crowded hospital – thus reducing the potential stress on the system.
  • If the application deems it unnecessary to attend the Emergency Department, then it will provide a list of services that the user can contact via call or text to assist with their current symptoms – this ensures that unnecessary visits to the ED are a thing of the past. As a quality-of-life addition, this app will allow users to access their medical history records via the integration of the myGov login service as well as being able to book local GP appointments. Identified within the datasets provided, there is a clear correlation between ED visits and low socioeconomic status as well as age. Therefore, we have also decided to opt for developing a physical poster that can be distributed to households across the territory. This poster is a simple-to-follow visual that will indicate to users when to visit the ED and when not to visit the ED. Within this poster is the correct phone numbers to call if the user is unsure or in need of immediate medical attention.

Overall, our solution is to provide a centralised portal to assist the community to make informed decisions before they attend to the emergency room. It can be scaled to accommodate the language needs of users.


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We believe that Triad is a great option to assist in diverting unnecessary traffic away from the Emergency Departments and into the appropriate health care services that are resourced to handle more people thus easing the burden on the overall Hospital system.

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Data Story

From data provided on the Emergency Department Care, we noticed the large number of non-urgent visit the Emergency departments, whereas other made available resources from the Government are way underused. The provided dataset also proves the point of there is a clear correlation between ED visits and low socioeconomic status, culture backgrounds, as well as age. Therefore, we introduced a facilitate solution between the emergency services and other local resources. Interfaces and additional features for different preferences.

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Team DataSets

Emergency Department presentations

Description of Use People in the NT have a higher probability of visiting the emergency department than in Australia.

Data Set

Waiting time statistics for Emergency presentations

Description of Use It shows that semi-urgent and non-urgent patients have the longest waiting time compared to other patients.

Data Set

MyHospitals :: Emergency department presentations by state and territory 2016-17 to 2022-21

Data Set

NT Government Open Data Portal :: Emergency Department Care 2016 ~ 2019

Data Set

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