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Scrubby Hackers

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Stephen , Sophie

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To address the digital skill shortage, we have developed a unique prototype for a micro-learning platform.
Micro learning would allow for quickly up-skilling/cross-skilling workers into either frontline ICT roles, power users, or providing an insight into becoming an IT specialist.
We modeled data from the ABS on job type since 1984 and created a visualisation using a running bar chart.
Visualisation of the data highlights that this isn't just an IT problem, it's a problem across all areas of the workforce which digital touches.

Then we created a solution using prototyping tool.

Data Story

We had to cleanse the data:
- Removed null columns
- Included only original column figures
- Abbreviated titles
- Transposed the row and column values and removed unneeded rows
- multiplied the units by 1,000 as this made the end result clearer in the running bar chart analysis

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Australian Bureau of Statistics | Labour Force

Description of Use Data available on ABS website. The file used was: jun-2022/6291004.xlsx Direct link:

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Digital Skills

How can we help Queenslanders keep up with the increasing demand for digital skills in the workforce?

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