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Team Kiddos

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Nosnin , Krishna and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Our project is about implementing STEM to young generation. From the datasets, we analysed that not many young in NT are interested in learning STEM, which has become a big lack of education and economy in Northern Territory.
In our project, we demonstrated some possible solutions, according to provided datasets, real statistics and real education problem. We highlighted the facts such as activities for getting young kids’ attention, creating awareness, ways to earn money, including STEM in curriculum and training the teachers who will provide the lesson to the young. In addition, we also provided some solutions for awareness among the parents because ‘To grow a tree, we need to plant a seed.’. So, we believe that we can start the awareness starting from the family where young generation spend their most of the time. We also look for some national and legal requirements such as territory engagement, developing programs and policies, changing the education curriculum, working with the outside freelancers and the payment methods for the education providers.
We focus on more in spreading awareness. Because, without awareness the students, teachers or parents will not understand the value of learning STEM. From the datasets, we found that in NT, the Aboriginals and Non-aboriginal’s rate of enrolment is low. Moreover, who are enrolling at first, they are not attending to the class regularly. It is an alarming situation for all over the NT. We are also focusing on hiring more young teachers for STEM.
In the technical, our idea is to build a special website for the STEM education for NT people, students, colleges and the Government. The website will be used by the young students, the freelancers, the masters/PhD students and partners. This will be a very user-friendly website. The scholarship method, payment method, appointment and booking for the STEM education will be on the website. All the education hours, working hours and studying hours for making sure that everyone gets their all the queries in that website.

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Youth participation in STEM activities in the Northern Territory

How can we use open data to engage youth at schools or at a community level to increase the levels of interest in STEM careers?

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