Once a flood, probably twice a flood...

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Australian Freight Road Planner (AFRP) is an interactive infographic that displays predicted areas of flooding in the Ipswich area. The map is driven on data collected from the past 12 months. It is a useful tool for planning travel routes far in advance. The industries that can benefit from AFRP include critical industries such as the manufacturing, freight or logistics industries.

Now more than ever, careful planning of product delivery and distribution is vital to sustaining the Australian population. The unprecedented Covid restrictions and disruptions add to the importance of planning ahead. In the past weather problems, especially flooding, disrupted supply chains and resulted in nationwide shortages of critical goods. These cause domino effects on all industries and negatively impact the country’s economy. Unlike the rare occurrence of a pandemic, such as Covid, South-East Queensland has a cyclical El Nino and La Nina history and is thus prone to flooding disasters.

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Data Story

An excel document was created for the data used to create the app with the rainfall (mm) and corresponding day the data was taken from the Rosewood Walloon Road Station in Ipswich.
The recorded data by freightaustralia was used to create the app as the data from august 2021 to august 2022 for what roads became flooded as a result of the rainfall. This data was then compared to the BOM's data to determine a estimate of the rainfall required to flood the road. The app then uses this data to predict that the road will become flooded if this rainfall is reached again. This is done with many roads in a demo area and was visually organised, by highlighting these onto a street map.

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Roadworks endpoint QLD

Description of Use Used for road closure data due to flooding in the Ipswich area. Each data point was required in this area.

Data Set

Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology - Daily rainfall Ipswich Alert

Description of Use Data was used to predict future flood zone locations.

Data Set

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