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Medihealth 24/7 is a fully integrated virtual one-stop solution to provide telemedicine, e-prescription and doorstep medication delivery, that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As per the statistics of the Emergency department care 2018-2019 dataset, the general, as well as the indigenous population of the Northern Territory is twice more likely to visit the emergency department than the rest of the country.
The same trend is evident in the demographics of the remote and very remote areas as compared to the major cities.
Furthermore, another external dataset reverberates the similar trend where its seen that the general and indigenous population of NT are significantly more likely to be hospitalized for a potentially preventable conditions.

The Department of Health of Australia has already endorsed several strategies to improve healthcare during the pandemic namely the Telehealth services, e-prescribing and home delivery for medicines, but they are disaggregated, not streamlined and not available 24/7 And as a result, people have to resort to hospitals for their health needs.
Medihealth 24/7 is a fully Integrated and Streamlined virtual one-stop solution platform of all 3 major services, namely Telehouse, e-prescription and home delivery of medicines with no appointment requirement or uncertain wait times.

What makes us unique is:
- All our services are available 24/7 with accurate real time wait estimates and direct billing facilities to all Australian health insurance providers
- Medihealth 24/7 is also Integrated with 000 Triage who can divert non-urgent patients to MediHealth 24/7 in order to offload the burden of hospitals and emergency departments.
Patients can access medhealth 24/7 via the website, and mobile application, and more importantly be diverted by 000 triage.
Doctors can prescribe treatment plans, order labs, refer to allied health and supply patient educational resources, ALL of that through just one click from our ONE STOP solution platform
Using partnerships with prominent pharmacies and strategically located warehouses we will be able to provide delivery of prescription supplies 24/7 within a very short amount of time through the use of drones.

Key benefits of MediHealth 24/7 include:
Keeping the vulnerable and healthy at home during COVID19 pandemic​
Reducing cost, wait time, and long-distance travel for the clients​
Improving workflow and efficiency for health professionals​
Improving access to health care​
Optimising resource allocation​

To avail the prototype of our service, Medihealth 24/7 please scan the QR code or click the weblink provided in the slide.

In our ppt, we provided diagrams of high-level architecture, in addition to the prototypes as proof of work.

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Emergency Department Care 2018-19

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