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AmeetB , Syam , Thiru , Chitra Raju , Arun Abilash , Saravanakumar , Praveen PL

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Hydrogen economy is a vision of an energy delivery infrastructure based on hydrogen as a carbon-free energy carrier.

The WA Renewable Hydrogen Strategy aims to harness WA's competitive advantages, including world-class renewable energy resources, vast land mass and proud history of exporting energy to international markets.

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Western Australia’s energy future can be defined by establishing multiple hydrogen projects for the future.
Hydrogen can be an alternative energy source as many countries are looking for sustainable replacements to fossil fuels.

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Western Australia Renewable Hydrogen Road Map

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Western Australia Hydrogen Strategy

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WA Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal

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A hydrogen economy

How can Western Australia leverage the benefits of boosting the hydrogen economy? Why is WA the best place to take advantage of hydrogen projects?

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