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The Problem
Fruit flies across Australia cause significant productivity, financial and environmental impacts every year to the fruit and vegetable industry. Whilst South Australia is doing a great job in managing these pests and are the only mainland state recognised as being fruit fly free, they have recognised there are inefficiencies and that improvements can be made.

In addition to providing a real time improved digital fruit fly management solution, the South Australian Government is also seeking an improved and streamlined process with identifying and managing wider disease control. This included exploring solutions to help manage potential outbreaks of Varroa Mite, Foot and Mouth Disease or Lumpy Skin Disease.

The Solution
Project DebugSA ( is a custom built software application and mobile app that will revolutionise the way that disease outbreaks are managed, identified, communicated and rectified. Whilst the solution outlined below focuses on improving the management and prevention of fruit fly in South Australia, the digital solution can simply be adapted to support any future disease outbreak across the country.

The DebugSA software solution has two main users 1)The Growers and Landowners and 2)Governments and Departments.

The demonstration DebugSA software application shared has been fully connected to the National Minimum Data Set Surveillance Report Data that was provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions. It should be noted that the DebugSA software has been built to allow for future direct and seamless integration to the current app being used by fruit fly inspectors to collect trap activity. Once this connection has been completed all trap inspection data will appear automatically with the DebugSA software and interactive dashboards in real time.

Benefits to Growers and Landowners
For growers and landowners, DebugSA offers digital real time insights and results from fruit fly trap tests. This is done through automated push notifications including email, text message and direct in app updates. DebugSA also offers growers an interactive dashboard to view historical fly trap test results conducted on their property, provides a library of support links, documents and resources, and the ability to upload and store all corrective actions following the identification of fruit flies.

Further to this, DebugSA also allows growers and landowners to share and escalate any new sightings of fruit fly they identify on their property, through the simple to use mobile app. Key data about the sightings is collected including the date, time, location and other important details. The ability to also take a photo and geotag the location is also available. This data is then sent directly back to the Government and Departments dashboard in real time for their action.

When using DebugSA, growers and landowners only have the ability to view information relating to the property and traps that relate to them. They do not have the ability to see other properties or traps outside what they have been granted permission for.

DebugSA is a trusted and secure one stop solution for all fruit fly management, communication, reporting, support and additional information/resources.

Benefits to Governments and Departments
For the Government, the DebugSA software offers a real time interactive dashboard of fruit fly results and hotspots. It also offers the ability to search and monitor historical fruit fly results and activity. Further to this, all corrective actions taken following the identification of active fruit fly are stored and available for future review as needed. The software provides and escalates automated high risk areas and active properties for ease of pest management.

DebugSA is a secure, real time and user friendly software application that directly connects government departments and growers, with fruit fly findings, information and localised pest activity. The software ensures the fastest and most appropriate actions are taken to eliminate fruit fly and other pests.

Introducing the DebugSA solution to assist with the management of fruit flies in South Australia will streamline the current processes, improve and simplify data management and sharing, improve current identification methods and information, increase productivity, reduce costs and ultimately minimise the threat and risk for fruit flies in the state.

Future Developments
As the DebugSA software application and mobile app have been custom built, the software has the ability to be updated and additional functionality and tools added at any time. This has been done to ensure the uptake and adoption of new technologies and processes can be added and connected to the DebugSA software, to further enhance benefits.

DebugSA is the solution that will support South Australia to win the fight on fruit flies. Whilst the software has been targeted towards a solution to support South Australian fruit fly management, this solution can be used to support any future environmental impact or disease outbreak across the country.

Check out our live and interactive prototype here:

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Data Story

All the data within the data set called 'National Minimum Data Set Surveillance Report Data - Department of Primary Industries and Regions' was connected to the live DebugSA application. Whilst this data set is currently static, we have considered and allowed for future direct integration with the current data trap collection apps being used.

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Team DataSets

National Minimum Data Set Surveillance Report Data - Department of Primary Industries and Regions

Description of Use This data set was imported into the DebugSA software prototype in full, to allow our team to demonstrate the functions and tools of the application. To complement this data set additional place holder property addresses were used to support the data, and again this was done to showcase the tools and functions developed within the DebugSA software.

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Protecting South Australian growers from Fruit Fly

How might we use data to communicate where fruit fly are being detected so we can notify the right growers as quickly and accurately as possible?

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