ACT Canopy Cover 2020 Statistics

Region: Australian Capital Territory

Description: ACT Canopy Estimate Statistics 2020 for blocks, divisions and road polygons are derived from the ACT Canopy Cover 2020 footprint dataset (available soon). The canopy dataset is derived from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data captured by Aerometrex and the ACT Government at 12ppm over the ACT and region in April 2020. This datasets provides the estimated % coverage of vegetation above 3m for blocks, division and road polygons current at 2021, and was completed by a collaboration between EPSDD and TCCS, ACT Government. The canopy coverage % is determined by the coverage of vegetation above 3m divided by the area of feature (e.g. block area). The total tree canopy cover estimate for Canberra for 2020 is based on the footprint of all urban divisions (suburbs): 22.5%.


Team Projects Utilising ACT Canopy Cover 2020 Statistics

No team projects utilising this data set currently.